Internal Service Cooperation Across the World Still Pretty Much Sucks!

Recently, I’ve been having quite a bit of dialogue in different human capital, OD, learning and HR communities. There has been a lot of debate that the whole issue of internal service cooperation and the concept that service is an inside out proposition, meaning you first have to have great internal service before you have a snow ball’s chance in creating great external service experiences, is old news.

Certainly I agree 100% that it’s not a new topic.

It still amazes me however, that intellectually every leader I speak to agrees this is undeniably logical, yet so few are actually practicing it.

The fun starts when you ask those same executives to give an example of the organizations that are best at internal service cooperation, or more pointedly, ask them to give examples of great internal service cooperation inside their own organization. It gets even more fun when you ask them to site examples of internal service cooperation inside of their work group!

The typical response you get is, “ah, ummmm, hmmmm, uh you know.”

I will rattle off a few that I admire such as Zappos, Nordstrom, Southwest Airlines and Caterpillar Financial Services.

What all these organizations have in common is great internal cooperation from person to person, work group to work group and department to department, so that they have the opportunity to create exceptional customer experiences for their external customers.

I think it is the most untapped strategic weapon at the disposal of any leader, team or organization.

Because I feel so strongly that yes, this old issue has not improved, I’d like to offer free posters to any organization based on the infographic below. We will print an unlimited number 11 x 17 posters for you.

At a minimum, I hope this infographic either gives you a new idea to try or reminds you of something you should already be doing.

Enhance Service Infographic

[Click on image to enlarge Infographic]

To put my money where mouth and keyboard is, check this out!

For one lucky organization drawn randomly from poster requests, CSI will provide up to $100,000 of free Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences e Learning.

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