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This is part two in a series about specific iPhone applications and the value they offer entrepreneurs and business professionals alike. As a small business owner, I need tools to keep track of my expenses, balances and other vital financial data. Following is a list of tools I use to stay on top of my personal and business finances, while on the road

Mint is without a doubt the most powerful and useful application on my iPhone today. The homepage shows me my cash balance, credit card debt, budget for the month, cash flow for the month and cash balance in my investment accounts.

Moving further into the application, you can see your specific checking accounts and the cash balances in each. You can also view each credit card and investment account (including your 401K and business investment funds)

Clicking on specific checking accounts will allow you to view every transaction made. The specific transactions include the name of the recipient, the amount of the payment and the category it falls under.’s categorization feature is quite advanced and allows for a more accurate budget calculation. The budget shows you how much you can spend on gas, entertainment, restaurants, travel, etc. It also shows the amount already spent.

Lastly, there is a cash flow section, which compares your income with your expenses for the current month. The visual of income vs. expense gives a business owner a quick and accurate at a glance of profit or loss.

Worried about the security of your financial information? If you lose your phone, or even temporarily misplace it, simply deactivate iPhone access from They made it easy: with one click, you’ll prevent unauthorized access to your private data.

Stolen Wallet

Did you know that in the United States, someone’s identity is stolen every 76 seconds? Stolen Wallet is a secure financial data management application. You can store all business and personal credit card/debit card information within the application. The application has identical templates to most major credit cards. If you have an American Express card, you click on the matching template, type in the card number, expiration date, CID/PIN number, name on card and customer service number.

This is great for all business owners because it consolidates the multiple cards you use on a frequent basis into one secure location. If you ever lose a card, just visit the card in your Stolen Wallet vault and click on the customer service number below the card template. You can also click a button that files a lost card report. You can set a password to access the application, which I recommend you do first thing.

The application’s data encryption uses FIPS 256-bit AES data encryption, which is used by the US Government for Top Secret classification level. Along with the highest level of data encryption, you can remote swipe all data from the application if your iPhone is stolen or missing.


iReceipt is designed for the business traveler who doesn’t have time to manage paper receipts for expense reimbursements. If you travel and need to track your receipts for expense reports, then this application is for you. This useful program will let you record your expense details, optionally take a photo of your paper receipt (as proof for your accounting department), and email yourself a text generated expense report. At the end of your travels, you can optionally download your receipt images by syncing your device to your computer to make the bean counters happy.


The PayPal application allows you to send money to people and companies using your existing PayPal account. It’s fast, easy, and secure. And now the PayPal application has been improved and upgraded. It’s even faster and more reliable to use and has added a handy transaction history, and new settings for the UK and Australia. Just pick an amount and a contact. You can choose from 16 different currencies and can log into your account using your existing PIN or password. The PayPal application is also great for checking your balance while you’re traveling or simply out of the office. Need to know if you have enough money to buy something? Just log in to see all of your PayPal balances at once.

PayPal recently teamed up with Bump Technologies to bring the popular “bump” feature to the finance application. You can now instantly wire money to an individual or business with the same app, simply by tapping iPhones together.

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