Inside HR: Laurie Ruettimann, on What It Takes to Succeed in HR Today

Human resources consultant Laurie Ruettimann says the ability to make good business decisions, deal with numbers and think analytically are high on executives’ list of goals for human resources professionals, and “that’s the right kind of competencies for anyone in the business world.”

Still, she thinks that human resources departments need to be working to develop a stronger grasp on project management, to help facilitate progress towards department goals.

She also thinks HR professionals need to get better at networking and telling the world what they do. People often have the wrong idea of what human resources actually does, Ruettimann says, so she encourages professionals to tweet and talk about their careers.

For people aspiring to work in human resources, Ruettimann suggests trying something else first. HR professionals need a diverse skill set, so it’s smart for them to work elsewhere, develop their skills, then enter the human resources sector .

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