Inside HR: China Gorman

A decrease in resources and time coupled with an increase in compliance and risk-mitigation responsibilities have made life hard for human resources departments in recent years, says China Gorman, CEO of CMG Group.

“Most HR departments in medium- and small-sized organizations have not regained either the budget or the staff they had before 2008,” but the deliverables they’re expected to achieve have only increased, she explains. If HR drops the ball on regulatory compliance and risk-mitigation, the company could get into legal trouble and someone — from HR or even the CEO — could end up in jail, “neither of which is a good outcome.”

In recent years, HR departments have seen their relationships with other departments change, says Gorman. In particular, they’ve had to work more with IT and marketing on the task of employer branding. IT departments handle mobile and cloud applications, while marketing handles creative aspects of the branding process and HR contributes their knowledge about talent.

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