Injured on the Job

injuredJob-related injuries during the course of a work day are fairly common. Almost three million workplace injuries that did not result in death were reported in 2011, as well as over 4,000 workplace deaths. Workplace safety is a very important concept, but no matter how safe a workplace is, it is possible to be injured. Job-related injuries can result in things like lost income, expensive medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses for things like parking near a doctor’s office or prescriptions, and even loss of consortium or damage to relationships. There are many ways a worker can be injured on the job.

Faulty Equipment

Machinery and other equipment should be as safe as possible to operate, and all workers using equipment or machinery should be clearly trained on how to operate it safely. If machinery or equipment causes an injury, it should be thoroughly checked to see if there are any defaults or deficiencies or if it has been altered in any way. If the equipment is faulty, the company that manufactured or provided the equipment may be liable for any injuries. Alternately, if the equipment has been altered, the people responsible for altering the equipment, or knowing that it was altered and not fixing it, may be liable.

Lack of Training

All workers should be trained in workplace safety and how to avoid injury, including the proper use and handling of any equipment, chemicals, or any other potential safety hazards. If a worker is injured due to lack of training, the company that employs the worker may be liable for the injury. In this case, bringing the lack of training to the attention of managers or owners may save other workers from suffering similar injuries. Overall training, including training regarding safety issues, may be improved, which may help the company in the long run.

Improper Direction

Sometimes in the course of business, the emphasis is placed more on speed than safety. In order to make more money, workers need to make more products, so managers push the workers to work better and faster. This causes workers to cut corners where they can, and too often safety is lost. If an injury occurs because a manager instructed the worker to work in an unsafe manner, the manager and anyone else who knew what was happening may be liable for the injury. Bringing the matter to the forefront may help increase safety for all the other workers.

Anyone who has been injured on the job may want to consult with experienced injury lawyers in Baton Rouge. Knowing the correct course of action to take regarding your injury and treatment as early in the process as possible may help if you end up pursuing legal action.

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