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People acquire the skills they use at work informally — talking, observing others, trial-and-error, and simply working with people in the know. Formal training and workshops account for only 5% to 20% of what people learn from experience and interactions.

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What is Informal Learning? Informal learning is the unofficial, unscheduled, impromptu way most people learn to do their jobs. Informal learning is like riding a bicycle: the rider chooses the destination and the route. The cyclist can take a detour at a moment’s notice to admire the scenery or help a fellow rider.

Most corporations over-invest in formal training while leaving the more natural, simple ways we learn to chance. This is foolish, for there are many ways to encourage informal learning and they boost the bottom line.

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Informal Learning: Rediscovering the Natural Pathways That Inspire Innovation and Performance

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What is informal learning?

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CASES.Chapter 8: Envisioning.
Chapter 9: Conversation.
Chapter 10: Communities.
Chapter 11: Unblended.
Chapter 12: The Web.
Chapter 13: Grokking.
Chapter 14: Unconferences.
Chapter 15: Just Do It

Where did the 80% come from?

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