Inc Editorial Staff Goes Virtual To Research Virtual Companies

The Inc editorial staff went virtual for a month to do research for an issue on virtual companies –

We at Inc. have written a lot about companies that have experimented with new ways of working. We have been told by entrepreneurs, academics, and consultants that getting rid of the office and working remotely can make a company more productive, better for the planet, and cheaper to run. We have also heard that the idea of taking an organization like ours virtual is totally crazy.

It is a little bit crazy, but it also just might be the future of work. So we tried it. What follows is what we learned — the why, the how, and the why not of going virtual. Think of it as your blueprint for your officeless future.

What did they learn? That being part of a virtual company is not what you expect it to be. You work longer, socialize less, and miss your colleagues, but you also get more done and even get to hear your child practice on the piano.

By the way, I have wrote about the myth of anytime anywhere collaboration sometime back. The Inc editorial staff seems to agree with me.

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