In Search of Meaningful Work

So many people are in search of work right now that it boggles the mind. Many are in search of full-time work in the field they had worked in before the downsizings. Others are scrambling to take whatever work they can get. Some are struggling to reinvent themselves for the next act of their lives.

If you are in this boat, I’d like to suggest that you add to your list: Search for meaningful work.

What is meaningful work?

Meaningful work is paradoxical: It’s work that doesn’t seem like work to you. When you do this work, you are in love with it and the time flows by like a river.

If you have ever felt this way while working at something, reflect on it. What was that work? What was it about that work that seems to connect to your heart and soul?

My friend Kenny Moore has written and spoken about this: “All of us are born into this world with an “acorn” that is destined to grow into a mighty oak. This acorn is often referred to as our calling, vocation or destiny.

This is the work we were born to do. It’s the “golden seed” planted in us before we were born. It’s our calling. Our reason for being here.

And each of us has that work to do. Our mission in life is to find it and pursue it.

Last year, I started a network called The Heart of Meaningful Work, intended to be a global community for conversations about finding meaning in our work. I invite you to join it on LinkedIn.

This post was written by Terrence Seamon, June 28, 2010. For more career transition and coaching tips like this, check out Terry’s website Facilitation Solutions and invite him into your organization as a speaker.


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