In Planning Why Does the By-When Matter?

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Planning requires the boundaries of Goals ‘what-by-when’ .

The ‘what’ being what is going to be done for example. 

Organizational Culture

Thematic Goal

  • The What-by-when

Re-work our employee appraisal system (what) for test usage and adjustment in the last quarter of 2012. Ready for full implementation in 2013 (by-when).

Below is a series of action steps that must be achieved, each of these can have their own ‘by-when’ dates (cascade of planning) and this would be necessary for Delegated-Plans & goals to subordinates. The subordinates would be taking on smaller parts of the longer term (1 year) goal. 

  • Develop an employee survey to determine what areas they feel they should be measured upon and how the company can improve the already existing system.
  • Create sub-team to work on employee appraisals consisting of a cross-section of employees to be headed by HR
  • What should be on the appraisal? What MUST be appraised?
  • Gather best-practices from other organizations
  • Look into free to no-cost training offered from local organizations and webinars
  • Develop a Manager training for coaching & feedback to be used with employee appraisals.

The ‘by-when’ is determined based upon the person’s ability to handle the complexity of planning and working independently on the task without the need for excessive help and savior from their manager. Every manager judges this in subordinates and every person generally has a good idea of their length-of-time that they can plan and handle the complexity and ambiguity of work.


Does this matter?

Simply YES, setting the ‘by-when’ and delegating the shorter time-span pieces will do 3 things. 1. Develop subordinates 2. Free up the managers discretionary time 3. Assist the manager in judging the capacity of the subordinate (whether the work is too easy, too hard, or just right) supplying the manager with areas to coach develop and possibly promote from their team.

With ‘by-when’ of the goals to be achieved NOT-KNOWN there is confusion about the priority and complexity. Everyone just does what they feel is right and the outcomes of this are generally a disaster.

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