In Celebration of Pi Day: 3 of My Favorite Pies (Charts, That Is)

Recognize This! – Employees and managers alike want more positive information from the wisdom of the crowd to influence the formal performance review.

Today, 3.14, is Pi Day. I’ll admit, this is not a celebration day I was familiar with, but I like the punnyness of it. In celebration of Pi Day, here are a few of my favorite pie charts from research released last year. The Workforce Mood Tracker report summarizes the attitudes and opinions of fully employed US workers, where the SHRM/Globoforce report offers the insight of HR leaders, managers and employers.

First, from the “Workforce Mood Tracker™ Summer 2013 Report – Empowering Employees To Improve Employee Performance” comes these two charts. The first below (Figure 16) perhaps isn’t all that shocking. Of course getting recognized for our efforts motivates us in our jobs, as 82% of employees attest. This is the primary, positive method for letting us know the value of our work within the bigger picture – to convey to us the greater meaning of our work, if you will.

 Pie chart showing 82% employees say recognition motivates them at work

Figure 7, however, may be a bit more surprising. 360-degree performance reviews have not received the universal positive response many thought they would because they can be too easily influenced and still draw on the opinions of only a selected few. Employees themselves (76%) wish social recognition drawn from their peers could round out the information in the traditional performance appraisal process.

 Pie chart showing 76% employees think recognition data would make reviews better

Managers, too, wish there was more frequent, timely and specific data from more sources on employee contributions and successes to incorporate into the annual performance review. The “SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey, Spring 2013 Report: Driving Stronger Performance through Employee Recognition” discusses this in far more detail, but Figure 9 below captures the spirit of the message with 74% of managers agreeing that crowdsourced recognition data would provide a more accurate picture of performance.

Pie chart showing 74% of managers wish reviews included recognition data

We’ve just completed our performance reviews here at Globoforce, and I must say I am very glad we follow the protocol our CEO Eric Mosley outlined in his book The Crowdsourced Performance Review. Having the detailed positive feedback from peers and colleagues – the wisdom of the crowd – helps all of us in people manager positions give much more valuable and insightful reviews of past performance and then set goals and projects based on strengths and areas of preferred contribution.

Do you think positive, detailed and specific feedback from peers gathered throughout the year would be helpful to you during performance review sessions (as either the recipient or the giver)?

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