Improving Twitter Experience

My Twitter experience had been on a downward slope and I never stepped back to wonder why. So I did and came to the conclusion that I am just too overwhelmed, maybe it’s the noise in my stream or maybe it’s the information fatigue. My Twitter screamed re-tweets, links, digital beggars, and sponsored tweets. It’s not what I signed up for.


I was following 800+ people/business/sites. I had to re-think why I am following businesses, what are they giving me in terms of information other than spamming their coupons. Why the hell am I following Starbucks?

First step was to unfollow all businesses including sites that I can access through Flipboard. Second was to unfollow people who I don’t remember why I followed in the first place. That includes lots of CPAs who keep re-tweeting IRS tax tips, bloggers who are now calling themselves social media gurus, the unimaginative wave of marketing newbies a.k.a growth hackers, and people who say RT≠ Endorsement. Seriously, what else can a re-tweet mean?

Cleaning out the house never felt so good. I am now following less than 100 people and my Twitter experience has improved significantly. Give it a try, if it worked for me, it will work for you too.

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