Important updates from Scout Labs today

I chatted with Liza over at Scout Labs last week to hear more about the exciting changes they were working on. The changes went live today so I wanted to take a moment to highlight a couple of the more important updates.  Jennifer Zeszut, CEO of Scout Labs, wrote a solid post about the changes, you can view it in detail here.

A Ticketing System

When I first reviewed Scout Labs one of my biggest concerns was the lack of a ticketing system.  They have delivered on their promise of a ticketing system in Q1.  Great job Scout Labs!  While the ticketing system support is light weight (no workflow or customzation), you can assign any monitored conversation to a user in the system and they are able to view and respond as needed.  In addition, e-mails are sent to the user to alert them, an important feature for the infrequent user.

Forum Support

One of my favorite additions is forum support.  While forums may feel old-school, they are an extremely popular destination point where conversations are taking place, conversations you should be aware of.   In fact, depending on the topics you are monitoring you might even find the bulk of the conversation is taking place on forums.  Check it out.

I’ll keep you up to date as I learn more. 


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