Iffy Employee Engagement

Is employee engagement an if for you?

Sometimes employee engagement seems iffy:

  • If only my managers was better.
  • If only I didn’t work with this team.
  • If only I could change jobs.
  • If only this was a different company.
  • If only I was younger or older.
  • If only I wasn’t so tired.
  • If only I could find something I believe in.
  • If only someone else or something else would change.
  • If only they would pay me better.
  • If only someone would recognize me.
  • If only I could retire.
  • If only I didn’t have so many family demands.
  • If only I was in charge.
  • If only I wasn’t in charge.

Don’t make engagement an iffy proposition. Determine what you can do right now without the if or the when to experience engagement as a selfish gift to yourself. And if some things need to change, as they often do, don’t forget to get engaged in working at making those changes.

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David Zinger, M.Ed., is an employee engagement writer, educator, speaker, coach, and consultant. David founded and moderates the 2400 member Employee Engagement Network. His website offers 1000 posts/articles relating to employee engagement and reached over 1,000,000 page views in under 4 months in 2010. David is involved in the application of Enterprise 2.0 approaches to engagement and the precursor, creating engaging approaches to communication, collaboration, and community within Enterprise 2.0.

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