If You Want People to Talk About You, Become Remarkable

If you want people to talk about you, become remarkable.

Apple is remarkable, so millions of Macbook, iPod, iPad and iPhone fans act as Apple evangelists everyday, tell everyone else how much they love Apple.

Apple is remarkable because of its single-minded focus on designing products that are objects of beauty, and business model that enhance the intuitive user experience.

Apple is remarkable because it represents the creative community’s revolt against the boring, bean-counting corporate culture (remember the Mac vs PC ads?)

Apple is remarkable because it has a remarkable leader with a remarkable story: Steve Jobs as the design genius who wears the same jeans and black sweatshirt everyday, and sometimes personally answers emails sent by fans and detractors.

Apple is remarkable because it’s intentional in its focus, because it represents a community, and because it has a compelling story.

And, since Apple is remarkable, it doesn’t need to run discount schemes, or buy Facebook ads, or pay online influencers to peddle its products.

Since Apple is remarkable, it doesn’t have to do social media marketing, because its evangelists do the marketing on its behalf. (It can still organize and energize its evangelists, though, just like the Starbucks — the other truly remarkable brand — does.)

So, if you want people to talk about you, become remarkable — be intentional in who you are and what you do, represent the dreams and desires of a community, live and tell a compelling story.

This is the only way to be successful on the social web, and in an increasingly social world, both for people and for brands. Everything else is a waste of time and resources.

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