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If Three is Company, What is Four?

At the TSheets Time Tracking Software headquarters, FOUR newbies in the first quarter of 2013 translates to TSheets platinum support sparkling brighter, the Geekery is exploding, and epic customer experiences are on the horizon [applause]!

We want to officially announce these fab four to the TSheets Team:
1. Jennifer Hetherington, VP of Marketing
2. Nate McIntyre, Software Engineer
3. Shayna Glynn, Customer Experience Representative
4. Kristin Neumann, Customer Experience Representative

TSheets time tracker team

And we know what some of you are thinking and don’t worry. All your favorites are still here. Greta is still the voice of weekly webinars, Victoria has her hand on the phone prepared to tackle any and all TSheets queries, and the leadership and development teams continue to operate at full strength.

We’re all here on the daily pursuit to provide the #1 Employee Rated and Requested Time Tracking System on the Planet. Cheers to our customers: The backbone of our rapidly-growing company.

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