If the Shoe Fits: Hiring

If the Shoe Fits: Hiring

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3829103264_9cb64b9c62_m Kevin Spencer http://www.flickr.com/photos/vek/3829103264/The referral source is awesome.

The resume is amazing.

The candidate asks great questions.

He is excited—interested in you, your vision and your product.

The team is thrilled.

The offer is made and accepted.

Everybody cheers.

As the euphoria of landing a “star” wears off you find yourself reviewing the interview like a favorite video looking to regain that feeling of triumph.

Instead, you find yourself with a slightly queasy feeling—because you can’t remember any of the candidate’s specific answers to critical questions.

So you ask your team and it turns out that either they thought someone else had asked those questions or were so caught up in his enthusiasm and answering his questions that they ran out of time.

And you suddenly realize that you have no idea going forward if he will be a star or a dud.

Option Sanity™ helps screen candidates.
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Do not attempt to use Option Sanity™ without a strong commitment to business planning, financial controls, honesty, ethics, and “doing the right thing.” Use only as directed.
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