Identify and deal with a legit only paid survey site

The best way to work from home is done through paid surveys, and people from all age and sizes can do it. Most of the workforces that stay at home prefer online paid surveys because it’s easy and the registration is free. If you’re promised with the same scheme, won’t you fall for it?

Making money online

With the new internet generation, companies who need to stretch their marketing arm through people online are done by hiring an online survey site to do the job for them. Marketing research is done in order to learn how the market (consumer) responds to a certain product or service being provided. This may be a window for companies to improve their services in order to generate higher sales and income.

There are various online jobs that can be found online, thus, the best marketing strategy is through online paid surveys.  The payment that can be generated through online paid surveys may not be enough to get you rich, but it’s more than enough to serve as an additional income. With the finest effort and time offered to do the job, an amount of $200-$500 a month is not hard to achieve.

The fight with surveys scams

Doing online survey is worth your time only if you have landed in a legitimate site. Although the promise of online paid surveys is really promising, there have been a lot of online sites that are only using the same concept to rip off money from its victims. So, you better know which is legitimate from a scam site. To do that, you should look out for signs like a verified and free-registration online site.


If you’re looking for the right online paid survey site, you should check its reputation by searching on testimonials from people who have tried it and reviews of online bloggers about it. Once you have a prospect site, start your registration. If you are asked for some money before you can even register, get out from that site. There are no legit sites who offer the same services that ask for money. Remember, they are the ones who are in need of your service and not the other way around. So, you don’t have to shed any single cent. To help you with your search, we took the liberty to list down a few of the legit sites that offers paid online surveys, and the lists are as follow:


Legitimate Paid Sites


  1. Toluna Survey

    As for toluna surveys reviews, this online paid site offers rewards to its participants. You can express your opinion through their polls, online answer-question and reviews. Toluna offer payment through either cash or gift certificates depends on which kind of payment preferred by the participants.

  2. Surveyhead

    You can also make more money with surveyhead paid surveys. Each survey you accomplish may only take few minutes of your time and it cost $10 to $30 depending on the question given.

  3. Vindale research

    Vindale also offers product sampling before you answer their surveys questions. Survey can cost from $5-$75 each.

  4. MyView

    Previously known as survey direct, this online survey site serves as the oldest provider there is. Invitations are sent daily to your personal emails and you can immediately withdraw your money once you hit the balance of $25.

  5. MySurvey

    A sweepstake raffle entry is given every time a member logs in on MySurvey. Payment may be through merchandise, gift cards or check.

  6. Valued Opinion

This online paid survey site is one of the fastest providers who pay their survey participants. Once a balance of $25 hits your wallet, you can already retrieve your payment either as cash or worth of GCs.

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