Icing On The LMS Cake: Customizable, Automatic Reports

LMS ReportingCompanies count more than dollars and cents to prove their success. They measure many aspects of business like sales, marketing, customer service and employee productivity, too. Compiling different reports can be time consuming and tedious. In the fast paced business world there is no time to tally up this information by hand. It needs to be updated constantly and easy to access at any time.

Benefits of Automatic Reporting Systems

Every company ought to consider the benefits of having an automatic reporting system. This may involve keeping track of social media sharing statistics for marketing purposes. Or, tracking milestones employees reach as they accomplish company training programs. When manually keeping track of data reporting, it is essential that companies take time to record this information every day, otherwise the task becomes large and daunting with a greater chance of error.

It wasn’t long ago when this was the only way to maintain reports. Now, with computers it is easier to customize and automate reports than to keep track by hand. In fact, before long, it may not be possible to furnish company reports this way. Some businesses experience this already. The sheer size of business and amount of data that needs to be calculated makes it impossible to compile manual reports. Instead, businesses look to ways that they can automatize reporting, grab results in minutes and have this data on hand at any time.

How to Monitor and Host Business Functions

Because numerous aspects of business need to be monitored, successful businesses are finding ways to host these many elements from a “home base” of sorts. In many cases, this central command center exists on the cloud. A centralized learning and business center greatly benefits the reporting process.

Learning management systems (LMSs) provide the complete package, combining workplace communication channels with training portals and customized reporting options. When training, sales and social media marketing can be executed and accounted for in such a location, compiling business records is effortless.

When looking at the many features of LMSs, it seems that reporting options are the icing on the cake of these fully functional platforms. Reports can be automatically compiled and distributed without requiring the time and attention of an employee.

A cloud-based social learning management system that offers automatic reporting, in addition to numerous eLearning and communication features is TOPYX®. TOPYX makes it easy for businesses to measure data automatically. In consistently updating this information, reports are easy to access and can be distributed quickly. Click here to request a free demo.

Reporting options are necessary to monitor business operations and prove its success. They are vital business tools that can be collected by hand or compiled automatically through an LMS. Every company can make this choice. It is a matter of seeing reporting as another job task or icing on the cake.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
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