iBeacon is a Retail Experiences Game Changer

With iBeacon, retailers (and manufacturers) can now provide detailed walking directions to the precise location in the store where a product is located.

Digital circulars, including coupons, can now be transmitted—not to mention updated—in real time.

And of course, as privacy advocates will point out, you can track the real-time traffic patterns by day, by minute, and by shopper profile.

This is where things start to get interesting. Imagine having access to the majority of your customers’ shopping patterns each and every time they enter your store.

What kind of insights could you glean from knowing how long your customers hover in an aisle or over a particular product line before they walk away or place an item in their shopping baskets?

Imagine analyzing retail traffic patterns, hover zones, and purchase patterns mapped against information and offers provided throughout the shopper’s in-store journey.

I predict iBeacon will be an experience and retail game changer!

What do you think?

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