I was genuinely stunned when I received THIS email from a recruiter!

Bad recruiter email
Every week, probably just like you, I receive emails and LinkedIn messages from recruiters asking me about; (1) jobs,  (2) referrals and occasionally (3) help in identifying companies for niche candidates. Depending on their approach, I help if I can. 

But when I got an email like the one I received a few weeks ago, I was genuinely stunned at the presumptive nature of it.!! A brazen recruiter, naive or just plain damn lazy –  you decide. And no, I don’t know the recruiter…… 

Dear Andy

My client is a global leader in the provision of XXXXXXX solutions. I am currently searching for a “XXXXXXX Manager” whilst my client is flexible on package ideally they would like to pay circa £80k+ basic salary with a bonus of around 20%+ (neg).

According to our records you may be able to refer me to the right person, I would be very grateful if you could forward my mail to any of your contacts that may/could be interested, I’ll forward a full job specification with my availablity for meetings to any interested applicants.

I’m also searching for new clients so please let me know of anyone that is struggling to find the right candidates in the XXXXXX Sector. I am a proven specialist and have been highly successful working at exec level for many years.

Yours sincerely 

Three things in one email……
“According to our records you may be able to refer me…” <<<< What sort of line is that?  Then the recruiter wants me to be their PA by helping to arrange their meetings for them! Dream on!

And just to finish it off they want some new clients referred to them as well! Don’t we all!

Have you seen a worse example of a recruiter email than this?

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