I dare you to say I am not mad!! Worthing Crocman (me) goes all James Bond!

Can I just say, that I am not mad, insane or stupid (…………………….well ok just a little then!)

These have all words that have been levied at me since my big announcement last week.

Dam bungee jump

Crocman cartoon On 21st July 2010, Worthing Crocman (me of course) is going James Bond – I am going to be launching myself off the Verzasca Dam (above) in Switzerland (it featured in the Bond film ‘Goldeneye’), on the end of a bungee rope – dressed as a crocodile!! It is only a small jump…. 750 feet with an 8 second freefall before the bungee engages and (hopefully) halts my progress!!

It makes last years 35 feet jump into the sea, at the International Worthing Birdman Competition (photos / video) look small fry – which of course it wasn’t, as i broke two ribs in the process!

There is a very good reason, of course, why I am again donning the Crocman suit and doing something that, quite frankly, will scare the **** out of me – and that is my brother. David died in 2007 from leukaemia, a blood cancer that is still causing too many premature deaths. He was just 40, had just got married and had a new son. Life isn’t fair is it? Today seemed like a good day to write this post, because it would have been his 43rd Birthday today.

Since then I have made it my goal to raise as much money as I can for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, so that I can try and do my bit to help other families avoid what we went through with David. Last year we raised over £1500, and I hope that this year we can raise  more than that.

Worthing Crocman completed I get asked two questions – why a crocodile (answered here),and why a 750 feet high dam?

To be honest, I have always wanted to do a bungee jump, but it was going to have to be a spectacular one to get me to do it. I saw this particular bungee jump on a TV programme, and knew it was for me.
So in July, we will be packing up the Worthing Crocman suit and taking him on his travels to Switzerland, where (minus the head for obvious reasons!) he will have a quick ‘flying’ lesson.
And if you think I am the only mad one in the family – think again! My youngest daughter (16) Bethany, is also going to take a jump off the dam as well!! See, it runs in the family 🙂

So, what can you do to help Worthing Crocman (me) achive our target of reaching over £2000 for Leukaemia Research?

We have a Worthing Crocman Just Giving page set up and have already received some excellent donations, so please, think of others that are not as fortunate as you, and make a donation via a credit or debit card.

We have also set up a text line, if you would like to support us via your mobile phone. All you have to do is text CROCMAN to 84459 now, for which you will be charged just £3 (normal texting charges apply).

Just to remind you, what we are doing again, check this video out….

My wife Sara has set up a new blog – Worthing Crocman Blog – to write about our build up to the event, and you can of course follow Worthing Crocman on Twitter – @worthingcrocman, as well as the Worthing Crocman Facebook page.

So, please take an interest in this fundraising event, it is completely mad – but it is for a truly great cause!!

And if you know anyone that works for Crocs (the shoe company), tell them what a great opportunity this would be for some sponsorship and PR!!  After all, what shoes should a giant crocman be wearing? (They ignored us last year, but I am hoping you might help us show them what a great opportunity it could be by tweeting them and telling them!!

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