I Am Not a (Re-Tweet) Crook: A Lesson in Twittiquette

Since I’ve started “tweeting” on a near-daily basis,  I haven’t given too much thought to the process.  I post a link, and voila! Out to the masses for consumption.  If one of my followers (or someone I’m following) posts a link I find useful, I’ll re-tweet it. Easy.

But I’ve overlooked that crucial element of any social networking, whether it’s in-person or via technology; one that makes a difference in how one’s messages are received: it’s called etiquette.  And until now, I was completely oblivious to it.

Yes, there is a certain etiquette that exists in the Twitter universe (or Twitterverse, as it were), and I am a repeat offender.  My re-tweets have not always credited the original poster – or even the secondary poster, for the link.  In Twitter etiquette, this is akin to writing a paper without properly crediting your sources, and is treated as such.

 Like many others, I have simply hit the re-tweet button and moved on, without checking to ensure that the original tweeter has been acknowledged.  I’m sorry.  I goofed, and I can only vow to be more vigilant with my re-tweets.

Interested in the finer points of Twitter etiquette?  Check out this page.

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