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Sorry for the long delay, but I am back and motivated more than ever to bring you the most engaging web 2.0 and SEO content available. Now of days it takes a lot to make me stop everything, sit back and think. However, yesterday I was blessed with something that seemed to freeze time, as I looked up at my ceiling fan and just thought. So I am sure you are all wondering what I saw and how it put a halt to a busy day at work. Interestingly enough, this was not a one-time event that caused the freeze, but instead was a series of events that I could no longer ignore.

I realized that I Google my name, companies and keywords that relate to both, several times a day. Why do I do this? I would never consider myself a conceited individual; in fact I am quit the opposite. I check the Google rankings so frequently because I want to be as visible as possible to potential clients and connections. I also need to make sure I am doing my job properly. If I am taking the right actions then I should see a steady increase in my visibility, as well as my companies. You are probably saying, “But Max, you are a web 2.0 and SEO specialist and have to care about that stuff”. This is a valid point, but think about how many professionals work on commission.

Commercial Real Estate brokers are a perfect example for individual’s being their own companies. Sure some large clients will go through the firm to find the best broker for the deal, but what if someone is searching for a retail broker in Northern Georgia? This is where search engine optimization will see exponential growth. These commission-based professionals have no choice, but to adopt web 2.0 tools. If you are not coming up on the first one or two pages of Google when searching your name…YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. Don’t fear though because there are many ways to cost effectively boost your search engine rankings and web visibility. Below are three simple and free steps for everyone:

  1. Blog: I am getting tired of explaining the tremendous value contained in blogging, but until more people lose their stubbornness I will keep preaching. You can setup a blog for free on several platforms and if you want to take it to the next level you can pay for a higher quality platform. Once you have a blog your web presence will shoot through the through and you as an individual will be more search engine friendly.
  2. Social Networks: I am not talking about just the big generics like Facebook or LinkedIn; I am also talking about unique and niche networks. Look into joining social networks that are focused on your industry and what you do exactly. The keywords will match better and offer search engines increased relevance.
  3. Share: Whenever you publish something new, like a blog, make sure to share it with as many people as possible. Sign up for sites like Business Exchange and Digg to promote your blogs and other posts to a massive audience. This is guaranteed to increase your daily traffic and will in turn increase your authority with search engines.

So with these three starting points you should have your hands full until the next more detailed lesson on self-promotion. I hope this article makes you look at yourself as living company with hundreds of cost effective tools at your disposal to grow your network and business operations. These lessons are valuable for everyone, but especially to commercial real estate brokers, athletes, independent contractors, lawyers, entertainers and students/entrepreneurs

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