Hult International Business School

Hult is a business school with outposts in London, Boston, San Francisco, Dubai, and Shanghai. What begun as a spin out from Arthur D. little in 1964. Hult has evolved into a top-ranked school, noted for action learning where a corporation becomes the classroom.

This reminds me of the philosophy we followed when starting the University of Phoenix.

“Hult’s MBA programs are designed to suit organizations and professionals with specific industry gaps and scheduling needs. We offer a flexible curriculum and schedule to allow companies to sponsor professionals from various industries and functions. Hult students acquire the skill set necessary to implement new strategies and think about innovation so that they can address remarkable value and contribute effectively to your company’s continued success.”

Argh. I am writing this on my iPad. It’s lame. I cannot find a way to edit HTML. Or figure out how to insert links. Where are the workarounds for this? I’m going back to taking notes with my fountain pen. Drat.

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