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Blogging: Get All Your Questions Answered

HRevolution is only 3 days away!

I am thrilled to be co-leading  a track on blogs and blogging with Ben Eubanks.   I hope that with the diversity of our blogging experience, Ben and I will present some diverse, yet useful information on how to put a blog together and make it viable.

The resources on blogging are practically limitless, and certainly there is no way to share even a small percentage of them here, but I thought it would be useful to have at least one resource on how to blog as part of the track.  With that in mind,  here are some useful resources on blogging for you to check before, during or after our track,  Blogging: Get All Your Questions Answered.

HRevolution Agenda

8:30 am Welcome from the HRev planning committee & Breakfast

9:00- 10:00 Can HR Be Trusted With Your Secrets?     Jennifer McClure & Lisa Rosendahl

Teamwork in the Age of Social Media: What Happens When The
Employee Gets Bigger Than the Brand?    Crystal Peterson, Eric  Winegardner, Amanda Hite

What the @#$% does diversity mean today?   Joe Gerstandt
10:00- 11:00

The HR Apprentice: Bring your A-game or ‘You’re fired’  – Trish McFarlane, Steve Boese, and Mark Stelzner as ‘The Donald’

Influencing Behavior    Paul Hebert & Jason Seiden

Healthcare Reform: Do We Know What It Means?     Will Manuel

11:00- 12:00

Blogging: Get All Your Questions Answered Ben Eubanks & Mike  VanDervort

Informal Learning    Marc Wenzel

Generations: Do They Really Make A Difference in Business?    SarahWhite, Joan Ginsberg, Benjamin McCall

12:00- 1:oo Networking Lunch

1:00- 2:00

HR Technology- Q & A for HR Pros      Bryon Abramowitz, Mike Krupa, Bill Kutik

The World Beyond HR Craig Fisher, Jessica Miller-Merrell, Charee Klimek

HR: Where Brand meets Culture – A discussion about HR’s role in Corporate Brand Building       Jason Lauritsen

2:00- 3:00

The Secret- Sports & the Future of HR     Steve Boese, Tim Sackett, Lance Haun

Global Recruiting and the Relationship with HR     Bill Boorman & Geoff Webb

Breaking Out of the Echo Chamber: Expanding the HR Social Media Community  Laurie Ruettimann & Lance Haun

HR Guide to Blogs and Blogging

Blogging Tips

Here are some excellent resources articles covering a variety of topics related to blogging and using your blog as a business tool.

Does your blog ask the right questions?

Do page view matter for the average blogger?

How to use a blog to increase organic traffic to your site

6 ways to leverage the long tail in your marketing via your blog.

BookSneeze: free books for bloggers

#BlogChat on twitter every Sunday

Easy list of Bloggers to follow on Twitter

Bloggers you might want to follow

What follows are links to two different types of blogging resources:

  1. Bloggers I have learned from
  2. HR blogging resources

Chris Brogan

Robert Scoble

Ben Eubanks

Francine Hardaway


Blog tips to help you make money

Copywriting tips for online marketing success

Get started blogging today!

Confessions of a six figure professional blogger

25 Best HR Experts, Blogs and Influencers to Track in 2010

HR blogs on Alltop

Top 50 HR blogs of 2009

50 best HR blogs for Wisdom

John Sumser and his Top 100 Influencers series

Recruiting Blogs and especially, Raye Anne Thorn

Top 50 HR blogs of 2009

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