HR Technology Trends to Watch

Aside from managing core HR data, Human Resources and technology may seem like an oxymoron at first glance. But in today’s tech and media saturated environment, managing data is only the beginning. At SHRM 2013, the SHRM Special Expertise Panel shared the following current and emerging HR Technology Trends. And one trend is crystal clear; HRIM is not just about employee data anymore.

1. HR Data is Secure in the Cloud

The cloud is a secure place to do business. Even the U.S. Federal Government manages payroll and other government business in the cloud, as Amazon was happy to confirm recently. As long as proper security measures are adhered to, your HR information is safe in the cloud.

2. Gamification is Not Child’s Play

The evidence is mounting that incorporating games and elements of gaming, such as animation, point systems, and level advancement, is a great way to attract, engage and retain today’s young talent.

3. Integrating Social Media into HR Technology Boosts Collaboration.

Using HR software that embeds social media into daily activities and processes encourages employees in all work locations to communicate and collaborate in real-time and lets them interact in ways they are familiar with and prefer.

4. Remote Work Arrangements are Transforming the Workplace

The desire to engage the best talent, wherever they may be located, will increase remote work arrangements and support an increasingly global and virtual workplace. It is important to watch this evolution and determine how it fits with your organization.Cite as: Acc. 90-105 - Science Service, Records, 1920s-1970s, Smithsonian Institution Archives

5. HR Technology Supports Cross-functional Teams

Cross-pollinating between different areas of expertise is key to innovation, enhanced creativity and productivity. To find the best solutions to today’s workplace and business challenges, seek and encourage collaboration with those who have different perspectives, skill sets and specialties.

6. Cloud-based Business Processes Leave More Internal Resources for HR Strategy

Panel, members noted significant movement from on-premise HRIS and other business process applications to cloud-based, SaaS alternatives. They expect this trend to continue as it reduces infrastructure costs, freeing up resources for strategic innovation.

7. Mobile Removes Obstacles

Using mobile tools effectively allows simple tasks to remain simple and time sensitive responses to be delivered promptly, without chaining people to a desk. As mobile further permeates our personal and work lives, it can help streamline processes and better meet the needs of employees.

8. Technology Helps HR Professionals Drive Performance

The type and amount of information that can be captured with today’s HR technology means you can begin to quantify the impact HR has on business performance, generate robust forecasts, and create strategies to address critical skills gaps. When HR meets big data, the HR Professional becomes a critical player in navigating the fast-changing global work environment.

9. Technology is Collaborating More Too

Software developers understand that a new era of integration, connectivity and collaboration is upon them. Building exclusivity into software is no longer a sustainable business strategy. Like other business units, HR can only make informed decisions about workforce management based on good data from all business functions. The best new HR technologies emphasize simple integration and interoperability across multiple systems and databases, to support superior HR performance.

10. HR is Moving Toward Global Standards

As HR Professionals share information on a global scale, and companies manage increasingly dispersed workforces, technology will provide the necessary platform to develop consistent terminology, metrics, and data models to support a global HR standard.

As these trends illlustrate, technology is not just about managing the data. In today’s workplace recruiting, selection, talent management and development, employee loyalty and engagement, as wells as secure HR data maintenance, all go hand-in-hand with the best in HR technology.

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