HR Technology Providers: Hotter than July in Arizona

HR technology is a hot industry right now. A recent article on Forbes by Josh Bersin from Bersin by Deloitte highlights a few of the many reasons for this explosion. We love it. At TribeHR, we've worked hard to recognize market trends, and have responded by creating an affordable cloud HR software solution that responds to the evolving HR needs of businesses with under 1000 employees.

Aging HR systems that don't accommodate emerging social media, provide real-time recognition and responsiveness for employees, or track the vital data that businesses need to suceed, not only fail in their obligations to their customers, but also fail generally as human capital solution providers. Sure, there's always a place for annual performance appraisals, but as our customers always tell us, fast-paced businesses in the internet age need to monitor and empower their employees in real-time.

TribeHR HR technology solutionsEmployees aren't the only ones who need real-time performance feedback. In the cloud, online software updates are immediate, giving you the freedom to start implementing powerful new processes quickly and seamlessly. Plus access controls provide instantaneous information based on individual peoples' needs, whether it's a quick report, a new hire, or a planned policy change. With social HR solutions like TribeHR in the cloud, HR managers and other HR professionals can access employee information from any location on any device.

As Josh Bersin explains, time and again user interface and design are huge determinants for HR software selection. This is the core of what we do at TribeHR. Employees need to be able to interact with software easily and intuitively, keeping them engaged not only in their own performances, but in the performances of their colleagues and the culture of your company. Whether it's reviewing a goal, tracking time, or booking it off, you need to come away from the process feeling motivated, not crushed by broken workflows.

Having a complete all-in-one HR software solution keeps costs low and prevents unnecessary complexity (or even loss) of employee information. Point solutions and integrated platforms have their places, but nothing beats a system that has been designed to work as a unit, whether it's pulling core data into a performance review, referencing engagement before launching a new hire, or instantly creating a complete employee profile from a job candidate's application package. From hired, to trained, to promoted and beyond, a unified solution keeps all of your data where and when you need it.

HR isn't always seen as a profit-creation center. But that's changing. Nothing increases your revenues like engaged employees, nothing decreases your expenses like low turnover, and nothing shows the value of these opportunities more than a modern HR system. That's why HR technology providers are hotter than July in Arizona (or India, or Algeria…).

Cloud-based technology is quick and easy to implement, especially when compared to the long drawn-out processes of traditional vendors. Configure your settings, add your data, and you're off. No downloads, no data centers, no headaches.

Finding and keeping qualified workers is what HR and the human capital function do best. Now more than ever, HR technology is helping to make that happen. 

Improving your HR processes and employee experiences are a no-brainer. Book a demo today to see how TribeHR is building HR technology for the future!


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