HR Strategic Focus Part 4: It is Not a Talent Problem, Trust Me

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Toyota recalls a major part of their road fleet due to mechanical problems. Johnson and Johnson recalls much of the product line due a chemical smell in the pills. For many managers the tendency is to counter these problems with the theory that if they throw out the talent for the replacements will improve the problem.But here is the problem with that perspective. Assuming you have done your selection properly and the talent meet the minimum job requirements (some organizations admittedly do not do a very good job in the selection process), then replacing the talent will not solve the problem.

Eliyahu Goldratt, the author of the book The Goal, in one of his last statements before his recent passing made the comment that “I smile and start to count on my fingers: One, people are good. Two, every conflict can be removed. Three, every situation, no matter how complex it initially looks, is exceedingly simple. Four, every situation can be substantially improved; even the sky is not the limit. Five, every person can reach a full life. Six, there is always a win-win solution. Shall I continue to count?”

The point here is that when your organization encounters such events within your organization it is not the people, Every process within the organization has its hiccups. These hiccups tend to cause our processes to operate in less than optimum levels. The other problem is that many of these hiccups exist because we are so used to the organizational speak that we never look for them.

The real solution here is part of what we discussed in Part 3 of this series. You want to know where the hiccups are? Ask your front line talent. They know better than anyone where the process hiccups are. If asked they will gladly tell you how to improve the process. Your only challenge is to not only listen, you need to be willing to accept the worth of your human capital assets and their insight. You need to be willing to take that voice of the customer and apply it to improving the processes within HR and the other functions in your organization. Forget you are in this supposed HR Silo that knows the ways of organizational development, open up and look at what is good for the total organization.

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