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TribeHR is bringing HR software to the 2012 South by Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin! Well, maybe. First, we need your help!

SXSW is a massive annual film, music, and interactive conference that takes place in Texas. This year, the conference organizers are choosing their expert panelists based partly on votes from the community. 

TribeHR has gathered a panel of industry experts who, with your help, will present a workshop on designing software to be easy-to-use. It’s all about the little things we’ve done to make our software user interface and user experience so fantastic, and how you can do it too.

We call it “Design Matters: Sexy Software for Unsexy Problems.” 

Please vote for us! Registration is free, fast, and no one will spam you.

The Panelists:

James Stewart

james stewart

James is currently with the PostRank team at Google in California. With an educational background in design and path-finding, his reputation as a best-of-class interface designer is well earned. His design flare has led to work with The Centre for International Governance Innovation, the Ontario Hockey League, LiveHive, Agnostic Platform, and more.

Kelly Baker

Kelly Baker

Kelly is TribeHR’s UX designer. She keeps the TribeHR software,, and the Workplace Tribes blog easy-to-use and looking great (she had nothing to do with those ugly buttons at the bottom of this post, which you should totally click on). Kelly is the founder of Oaktree Media, and has previously done design work for companies including Brainpark and Toshiba Canada. 

Joseph Fung

Joseph Fung

Our fearless CEO is a serial entrepreneur, a community leader, and a stand-up gentleman. Joseph is a mountain climber, a kung fu fighter, and a computer engineer who has founded 4 companies. He makes his software successful by prioritizing interface design, web strategy, and software development. He’s eager to tell you all about it, but you have to vote for us first!

Register. Vote. Leave a comment. Share. The deadline is coming fast, so do it now!

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