HR Finally Gets Some Love

For the last several years, growing companies have used business process automation (BPA) software to perform routine tasks so they could free up employees to concentrate on more strategic, value-enhancing work. But the people toiling away in HR, especially those in small to midsize enterprises (SME’s), are still largely stuck in a paper based world, or with clunky data management systems that still require a lot of human routing, verifying, transferring and calculating. GeniusHR does away with all that.

The GeniusHR Human Resources Management System is bringing true BPA to the HR department for the first time. It offers a cure for those common work-slowing headaches like status changes, leave calculation, document management, time and attendance tracking, and a host of other common functions. Employees enjoy a self service feature that lets them make simple changes, receive instant confirmations, and participate in company conversations through notifications and dedicated collaboration spaces without having to keep track of multiple emails or worry about miscommunications.

GeniusHR goes beyond simple “workflow” routing, which still leaves the user having to figure out whether and in what form things need to be sent. GeniusHR’s proprietary process engine is a custom-built, multifunctional expert system that can:

  • perform complex calculations
  • integrate with other company databases and external systems, like payroll
  • guide users through complex processes using simple to follow wizards
  • send text messages and emails
  • generate and fill forms
  • determine where to file documents, and a host of other functions
  • The all-inclusive suite supports a wide range of HR functions “from hire to fire”: Recruiting, Onboarding, Employee Self Service, Electronic Forms and Document Management, Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Absence & Leave, Termination and Offboarding.  It also includes workforce analytics, and a robust FMLA “wizard” feature that helps HR staff navigate through the minefield of employment laws and regulations affecting family medical leave.

    Company founder Jeff Russell started building the system two years ago, with help from the software engineer who created its customized processing engine.

    “We think you will find the difference from the old way of doing things in HR to be truly amazing’” says Russell. “Especially if you’re now on paper-based systems and spreadsheets, it’s a giant step up. You get large-enterprise capability and scalability, at a price that any businesses – large or small – can afford. It’s also a great alternative to an oversized, over-priced system with more bells and whistles than you need.”

    The Odessa, Texas based company can be found on the web at


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