HR Carnival Winter In Minnesota

One of the many gifts I received in 2009 was my association with Lisa Rosendahl.  We met on Twitter, talked on the phone, and collaborated on a blog post about mentoring. Our connection has blossomed to the point where we now share information about our kids’ lives, DMing each other about birthday parties, big “firsts” and illnesses.  Lisa blogs professional HR content at Simply Lisa and has a personal blog called Raising Tarah. She’s a dynamic HR professional who loves her adopted state of Minnesota—and this comes out in spades in her recent blog post for the HR Carnival.  As the carnival host, she’s adopted a “Winter in Minnesota” theme.  I’m pleased to have my blog featured in the Leadership Luge category.  Oh, did I mention that Lisa’s clever too?

Thanks, Lisa, for all of your encouragement and for featuring over 30 excellent blog posts from the HR world.

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