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Summing up the HR news for the week ending November 24th, 2012:

5 Reasons Unhappiness Starts from the Top

It’s no secret that unhappy employees make for challenging employees, and it’s particularly bad news when a company’s top workers are the ones down in the mouth. Why would high-ranking members of your team be unhappy? Inc lists out five reasons your top employees may be less than cheery. Reasons include frustration with the company’s inconsistent priorities, favoritism towards others, and general tolerance of lukewarm performances from other members of the team.

HR by the numbers

Water cooler guy visits some numbers. Flickr/Tim Green

Be aware of your company culture and how it can be adjusted to keep essential members of your team coming into work. Keeping your brilliant—but difficult—employees happy may be a challenge, but when they invent the next iPod, you won’t be complaining.

4 Hiring Practices for Retention

Another way to retain employees? Hire good ones in the first place. TLNT breaks down four ways to improve your hiring practice to keep employees at your business. Creating both a culture worth bragging about—in the mold of, say, Google—and impressive professional development programs are important to attracting good job candidates and to keeping good workers.

Also make sure not to only rely on resumes and references. They’re handy tools, but far from fail-safe. Finally, consider adding a business challenge question to your job posting. It will give you a sense of how well candidates think and understand your business. If a candidate is unwilling to work enough to come up with a good answer, it’s likely he or she isn’t a great fit.

3 Ways to Get the Holiday Bonus the Holiday Promotion

If you are a great fit for your employer, chances are that one thought is never far from the surface: how to get promoted. Tis the season for evaluations, raises, and (hopefully) promotions. This week, Forbes reported on five ways to get promoted in 2013. Things to think about include demonstrating a capacity for growth, keeping a positive attitude, and taking calculated risks. It’s also important to earn your boss’s trust. No matter what, be loyal to your brand and company. Sustained success—and promotions—will be impossible without fierce loyalty.

2 Deep Thoughts

A promotion is certainly one thing to be thankful for. Ahead of Thanksgiving, Inc’s Jeff Haden posted on ten unusual things he’s thankful for this year. The surprising things that made his list? Failure, sadness, struggle, and delay. He’s also grateful for family and “this moment.” On the latter, he writes, “Time is our most important asset and what we should all be most thankful for. Time makes everything else possible. Don’t waste it.”

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