HR Bloggers Silence on Health Care Reform

SHRM and many other sources say that affordable health care is a top issue for United States businesses. We hear about it near constantly in the news, especially as this weekend’s vote approaches. The issue certainly impacts strategic human resource planning.

SHRM has made their position clear.

Yet, what do I hear from the HR blogging world (including myself) about health care reform? Close to nothing. Okay, a few articles here and there, but I have to really look for them. I would expect to see my Google Reader streaming with healthcare reform posts, but it’s not.

Why is that?

Is it because the issue has the potential to quickly become political?

Is it too hard? Too much to wrestle with? Do we think it’s unfixable? Are we out of ideas?

The human resources bloggers, especially the Twitter crowd, are some of the most creative people out there. It’s hard to believe they don’t have opinions and proposed solutions on health care.

And I’d love to hear them! And maybe our elected officials, our respective C-suites, and our friends at SHRM would as well.

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