HR and Open Lines of Cat Stories

Okay, so an HR manager walks into a bar…

Started the joke that no one has ever told. As most recently personified by Toby on “The Office,” those who work in HR don’t exactly get a lot of credit for their warm senses of humor, which is too bad. Just like everyone else, HR professionals like to kick up their heels and have a good laugh (even at their own expense) every once in a while.

It’s in this spirit that we’re launching a someecards campaign, which attempts to find the humor in the daily occurrences HR managers run into. You’ll be able to find them here every Wednesday, and we encourage you to share via your social networks, like Facebook and Twitter.

So come back and have a “lol.” We won’t report you.

I know we said that we wanted open lines of communication, but next time, let's keep the cat stories to two minutes, shall we?

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