HR and Enterprise 2.0 – time to get involved: The EMC story

I came across this great presentation by Jamie Pappas (@JamiePappas on Twitter) on the journey taken by EMC to become a “social business”.

I specially want you to check out slide no. 12 – the business case and how much it focuses on the employees and to enable collaboration, breaking silos.

Also check the quantitative measures on slide 21 – two are employee satisfaction surveys and drop in attrition rates.

This makes it clear why HR should be a key stakeholder in Enterprise 2.0 rollouts – are HR bodies like @SHRM in the US and @NHRDN in India listening at all?

Also check slide 18 which details the Training and Education initiatives
• Don’t underestimate the need for training on these tools • Enterprise New Hire training – get in early
• Integration into existing Manager and Director training
• Seek out opportunities to present value
• Online training
• Opt-in in-person training
• Lunch-n-Learns
• Podcasts/Webcasts
• “Train the trainer”
• Set expectations/guidelines for use

Is your business on the road to social business? What’s your journey like?

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