How To Select the Best Time Tracking Solution for Your Business

Time and attendance tracking has come a long way since the old fashioned punch clock. While the analog method still remains an option, most businesses can benefit from investing in newer technology and updating their methods. If you are looking to upgrade your time and attendance tracking, or just starting out and trying to figure out the best time and attendance tracking solution, the following are a few factors to consider.

Identify Format of Work Space

Workplaces come in many varieties, the traditional office setting is just one. For visiting nurses, delivery personnel, truck drivers, remote workers, and marketing managers, the “office” – and therefore the ideal time and attendance solution – may look very different. Consider the convenience of the clock in method for the workers and payroll officers.

Mitigate Potential for Deceit Among Workers

While trust is a key element in the employee/employer relationship, it can be helpful to put safeguards up just in case workers decide to cut corners. “Buddy punching,” in which an employee clocks in for a coworker, is a common practice that can become costly for employers. This practice can be avoided with the use of biometric time clocks and some forms of location tracking.

While location tracking can be helpful in making sure employees are where they are supposed to be, there still exists the potential for deceit. Employees may be able to scam the system by going within range of the location. There are options such as proximity-based beacons and codes that can be scanned with a mobile phone that can hold employees to higher standards when it comes to being in the workspace on time.

Cost and Availability of Solutions

Different time and attendance tracking solutions may have different cost structures, which can be burdensome to the budget if not factored in. On-premise time clock options, such as biometric time clocks and punch card systems, may require an up-front deposit that can be substantial. Mobile options and GPS based time and attendance tracking is often billed monthly and may be based on the number of employees.

If you already have HR software in use, it may be prudent to utilize the options available through your current vendor. Setting up solutions through a company that you trust can be easier and less expensive than seeking out a new solution and trying to integrate it. If you know that there is an option that makes more sense for your company, however, it may be worth it to make the jump.

Installation and Set Up

Installing a whole new system can be laborious and time consuming. Consider whether the installation will require down time for the business and mitigate negative effects as much as possible. Also identify who will do the actual installation, as the assistance of a professional or vendor representative may be required to get the system up and running.

If you feel that your time and attendance tracking system could be better, we can help you decide upon your best solution. Visit our vendor match page to get started today.

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