How to Manage Your Phone Call Mayhem

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Guest Post

When I think of boosting workplace productivity I instantly think Mobile.

Having several thousands of productivity apps to choose from, one can stop worrying about “how to?” and start worrying about “which one” to choose.

When we started thinking of developing a productivity app we had the following data at hand. Here at Finmouse we use approximately 5 packs of post-its a week, we have an average of 500 plus contacts in our Phone Books, we talk to at least 50 phone contacts a day and probably have to remember 30 to 40 tasks related to those contacts.

To get rid of this phone call mayhem, we came up with Call Reminder Notes an app that allows you to assign Reminder Notes to Phone Contacts, showing Reminder Notes during call with that Contact.

We had three objectives in mind to help busy professionals keep track and organize their many phone calls, reminders, task and meetings.

Effective time management

This means less time spent on typing, editing, listing and more time spent on the things that need to be said and done.

We developed Call Reminder Notes as having a clean user interface design and quick functionality.

Information at the right moment

Do post-its cluttering your desk sound familiar? We wanted to get rid of those too. Reminder Notes are assigned to specific Phone Contacts and are shown during phone calls with that Contact. Post-its pop-up on your phone’s screen instead of your desk.

Extra organizing tools

With After Call features you have quick access to GTasks, Calendars and Contact Notes, being able to use them right after call.

Give it a try. Call Reminder Notes can be found on Android Market and BlackBerry App World.

This is a guest post by Eniko Laszlo for Call Reminder Notes

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