How to Lead Awesome Team-Building Programs. E-Book

Did you ever wonder “How do I lead AWESOME team-building programs? The ones that ensure that content and learning take place.”

Now you can find out.


In this e-book you will find applicable strategies, team-building activities, facilitation, de-briefing, and processing activities + theory that you can use immediately.

Content sections:

Theory Based Facilitation and Experiential Learning;

  • Providing a theoretical foundation to leading team-building programs. In this section you will learn – Ideas and practical applications of team-building, instructional design, and hands-on learning.

Question based facilitation and Experiential Learning

  • Over 10 different techniques for using questions for learning, and applying content to the team-building and experiential programs.
  • Many, many, many questions that will engage and allow the content learning and team-building to stick
  • Hand-outs that you can use immediately in your programs and meetings
  • Interactive learning activities that use questions to enhance your presentation, and team-development

Activity Based Facilitation and Experiential Learning

  • Learning by doing…making de-briefing and processing fun! If you are new or you are a seasoned veteran the activity based facilitation of team-building programs will make your programs better and you be the BEST facilitator possible.


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