How to Increase Your Productivity, Starting in the Garage

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Guest Post

I was absolutely thrilled to discover that I would have an opportunity to guest write here on Productivity Bits, so much so that I could hardly decide what to write about!

In the end, I had to go with my gut and do something I’ve been mildly obsessed with lately: a garage transformation that calls for more organization and allows for more space!

No Space?

In today’s economy, the majority of us are strapped for cash, and most of that majority is also strapped for space.

Whether it’s additional kids added to the mix, in-laws moving in to avoid expensive in-home care, the need to work less at the office and more at home (or even entirely at home) or extra cramped living space due to decreased housing budgeting, our housing space is quite frequently not meeting our needs.

Less Productivity?

This problem is leading to overcrowding and with less space, naturally comes less organization.  And as we know all too well, with less organization we tend to be even less productive.

Sound bleak?

Hold on, stick with me here!  The good news is that many of us have space just begging to be used that we haven’t thought of!  And, even better?  It’s sitting right next to your home already: the garage!

So, while a budget for a bigger house or a backyard addition may be out of the question, a garage transformation may be just what you need.

What the Transformation Looks Like

A garage, with the car kicked to the curb, is a wide open canvas for almost any type of space you might have.  In fact, even if you need the car in the garage, there’s still ample wall space that you can take advantage of.

We’re going to go through some of the most common and practical ideas here.  Pictures to go with, not to fear!

Wall Organization for Kids

DIYWallOrganizer How to Increase Your Productivity, Starting in the Garage
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There’s no denying that kids’ school stuff, projects, sportswear, outdoor wear, etc. takes up a lot of space.  Rather than try to cram it inside in their rooms or in “spare” closets, build in some shelves and hanging racks.

You can easily make one wall of a garage the school side and another the sports side.  You’ll be able to have a place for all those soccer balls, tennis rackets, ski masks etc.

On the other side: hang up backpacks, coats and cardboard volcano art projects.  You can even keep your extra laptop cases, backpacks, purses, satchels, luggage, etc. out here.

You’ll be amazed how much you can streamline your get-out-the-door time, saving you time morning and night and giving you that extra time for productivity elsewhere!

The Home Office

By emptying the whole garage or even just a corner, you can create a home office in a snap.  Throw down some carpet, tiles or wood panels for a sophisticated floor.

Put a desk in the corner, a lamp at its side, a bookshelf or two on the nearby walls and you have instant office space.

If you want it to be ready for clients and guests, just splash paint on the walls, bring in a sofa and some comfy seats, a coffee table and some pictures on the wall.  Voila.  It’s that easy!

Gym It Up in the Garage

DIYGym How to Increase Your Productivity, Starting in the Garage
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Garages are practically designed to be home gyms!  A cement floor is perfect for doing jumping jacks and jump roping.  You can bring in a couple yoga mats for those ab crunches.

Put in a wall-mounted TV, a stash of workout DVDs, a line of weights along the wall, and you’re set!  You can, of course, add as many weight machines as you’d like and can afford and go all out.

Bottom line, you can do almost anything in a garage: yoga, cardio, and even kickboxing.  Some women are even putting heaters and humidifiers in their garages and creating their own “hot yoga rooms.”

Whatever type of workout you go for, you’ll get to sweat in the privacy of your home, cut wasted time spent driving to and from a gym and even better, you’ll save countless dollars on costly monthly gym memberships.

The Cave

In need of a cave or just a get-away zone?  Why not turn the garage into the entertainment room.  You can be as basic as you’d like, with going as is and putting in a TV and a couple couches (this may look a bit like college life, beware), or you can class it up with the décor.

You could put the Wii out here (plenty of room at last!) and turn it into your kids’ favorite new hangout.  It’ll keep your house quiet which is absolutely bound to increase your productivity.

Winter movie nights have a new home with the addition of comfy couches/sofas/recliners, games on the wall shelving, some rugs for curling up on.

You could even put couple desks  along the wall and have the kids do both their homework and their fun time in the same space (though I don’t recommend at the same time!).

A Combination of Any/All!

Of course, with the space a garage can provide, you can easily combine any number of these ideas (and others!).  Maybe you have wall organization on the sides, an office desk in one corner and an entertainment center in the other.

The goal is always to decrease the amount of clutter and over-crammed space in your house.  Spread out and give yourself a chance to breathe.

Beat the winter cabin fever with an extra 500 of feet that’s sole purpose is to keep you sane.  You’ll get more done in the long run, I guarantee it.

This guest post is by Jocelyn. Freelancer Jocelyn is in love with the idea of transforming everyone’s garage into the space that’s perfect for them!  This winter she’s even marketing heaters for garage use so that families can start takeovers and transforming their garage asap!

Photo Credit via Pinterest

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