How to Form Bonds in eLearning Communities

Online Learning Community 1Relationships do not form overnight. Many factors come into play before two or more people consider themselves close. Usually, they have common interests, similar passions, and spend a lot of time together. While online environments make it possible for people to meet, it is harder to form relationships in this type of setting.

Nevertheless, when companies establish learning management systems (LMSs) they do so with hopes that their employees will develop communities throughout their training sessions. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to establish profound relationships in online environments. This devastates the lofty dreams of companies and sometimes jeopardizes business. In a study that focuses on the role of community in online learning success, it is said, “This lack of community has resulted in students failing to successfully complete and meet the objectives of distance education courses.”

Businesses can promote online training and encourage community interaction when they design eLearning programs that invite learners to form bonds.

The Value on eLearning Communities

The sooner companies realize how important community is to online learning, the better. In workplaces, a common goal of training is to equip employees to work together. Not only does this benefit the employees at the present time, it enables them to return to these people and groups when future projects require support.

Once the value of these unions is realized, learning management systems can be customized to bridge effective relationships. But before adding the social elements that are necessary to forming bonds between learners, companies must first understand the dynamics of the group.

Learners Want Community Too

The world of online learning offers a variety of opportunities for independent learning, as well as outlets for collaboration. In order for a group of employees to fully utilize these tools, the company needs to design them so that they meet the needs and wants of the training group.

Learners desire community. And, quite frankly, they need social interaction. These elements are necessary for cognitive development. When an online training course is designed with learning bonds in mind, there are greater chances that a company can create a healthy learning community.

In addition, the system they use to host training and create courses that promote user interaction and community growth is also important. Social learning management system TOPYX® offers simple solutions to companies that want to host effective training courses and build bonds between their employees. Click here to request a free demo of TOPYX.

Studies show that the sense of community employees feel in online training courses directly affects their learning. Companies that help form these bonds can look forward to training successes now and strong organizational ties in the future.

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Vice President, Business Development
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