How to Drive Your Culture with Social Recognition * Webinar Recasts Avaiable

by Grant Beckett

I had the pleasure of participating with Stacia Garr of Bersin & Associates in a webinar: Social Recognition’s Role in Driving the Culture Your Organization Wants. In the webinar, Stacia addressed current market concerns and how businesses are addressing those challenges today. Employee engagement, of course is a key component, and Stacia led us through a discussion of why engagement is important and the role that a new approach to performance management should play.

Stacia also commented on the importance of employee recognition as a critical driver of employee engagement and a powerful lever available to open up feedback and recognition across all levels of employees for better learning. Stacia went on to discuss the differences between traditional and modern recognition.

A key point Stacia made here emphasized modern recognition focuses on making recognition available to anyone. That means anyone can recognize anyone else, up and down the chain of management as well as laterally between peers and across teams and departments.

But critically, modern recognition done through our software solution allows people to see who is recognizing one another. As Stacia said:

“People can pile on and reinforce these recognition moments – a “recognition echo” that you can hear again and again.”

I keyed off of this point to discuss the evolution of recognition from tactical to enterprise to strategic to where we are today, which is Social Recognition. Encouraging employees to “pile on” amplifies every recognition moment and share that recognition – the good stuff happening in your organization every day – across a much broader community.

I went on to share several client experiences and successes on this topic as well as program attributes and considerations that will help you be sure you’re getting the most value, benefit and ROI out of your program.

If you missed the webinar, I encourage you to register for a recast:

Wednesday, Nov 16 2011 7:00pm EST

Wednesday, Nov 16 2011 11:00pm EST

Thursday, Nov 17 2011 3:00am EST

Thursday, Nov 17 2011 7:00am EST

Thursday, Nov 17 2011 11:00am EST


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