How to Customize Your Facebook Fan Page

Every day more and more businesses, entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes and regular people are tapping into the power of social media to cost-effectively create and/or develop their brand. So the passionate entrepreneur or the aspiring musician creates a Twitter account, Blog, YouTube channel and Facebook Fan Page. However, many do not differentiate themselves from the tens of thousands of other Fan Pages or Blogs. It is necessary to apply your style and personality to all your accounts, to the extent they allow for customization.

In this post I will focus on your Facebook Fan Page and will discuss the other properties in later posts.

So you took the time to create and populate your very own Facebook Fan Page. That’s great, but now it looks identical to thousands of other Fan Pages. If you look at the pages with the most fans, you will notice that nearly all have a custom welcome page that engages the user to browse through the posts, videos and other pieces of content you share. Facebook has a nifty application called FBML, which stand for Facebook Mark Up Language. FBML is a way for computer programmers to develop advanced pages and applications within a Fan Page. This is what you will be using to display you custom landing page. Now I know what your thinking, “Max I have never coded anything…HTML might as well be a long lost language.” And unless you have a medium-large sized business, you probably do not have a programmer and can’t afford to pay one for something like a Facebook page.
NAI Global Custom Landing Page for Facebook Fan Page

This is an example of a custom landing page I created entirely through photoshop.

That doesn’t matter! You can still create a custom landing page with only four lines of code, which I will provide for you below. All you need is Photoshop or something similar. Once you have the program you will use to design the page open, follow the below steps:

1. Take some time to browse through Fan Pages that have custom landing pages for inspiration.

2. Once you have done your research, return to your design program and create your masterpiece.

3. When you are done, make sure what you see is exactly what you want the potential fan to see.

4. Export the design as a JPEG file.

5. If you are using a program like Apple’s Pages, which doesn’t allow you to export as JPEG, use Grab/Screenshot to capture just the design.

6. Sign on to your Facebook account and add the FBML application to your Fan Page.

7. Now you need to upload the JPEG or your page to either your blog, website, Flickr or any tool that will give the JPEG a custom link to view it. If you use for a website or blog, just upload it to the media center and the link will be provided for you.

8. Now copy the link to the JPEG and return to your Fan Page.

9. Click the button “Edit Page” below your page’s profile picture.

10. Below applications you will see the FBML app and under that click “edit”.

11. In “Box Title” enter the name you want for the Landing Page.

12. In the FBML box enter the following:

<div align=center>
<div align=center>
<img src=”the link to your JPEG of the page design” />

13. The last step is to click “edit” under Wall Settings and change the “Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else” to you new Landing Page.Now you have a 100% custom landing page for all people who are not already fans of your brand/company! This is a great technique for anyone or any business that may not have the programming resources of larger businesses. If you happen to have a talented programmer at your side, then you may want to look at creating an interactive page like Puma or Dominos.

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