How to Create Processes for Your Social Media Program – Podcast Ep. 126

How to Create Processes for Your Social Media Program - Podcast Ep. 126

Today’s show is about something I’m very passionate about both for my clients and for my own brand: taking social media seriously. Social is becoming a bigger part for businesses large and small, and they are spending more and more resources on it, but it’s important to take it seriously and look at what you’re getting out of it. Putting processes in place can help you streamline your social media program and examine what is the best strategy for your business, which will in turn provide more ROI.

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In This Episode:

  • I’ve been talking a lot lately about the operations of social media and making sure you’re doing the right things, measuring the right things, and therefore delivering what you need to make your social media program sustainable
  • Where can you perfect your social media processes?
  • There’s a seasonal calendar I have, and most of us have one of these. There are certain activities you do at certain times of the year, and there are times of the year when you’re busier versus others where you’re less so
  • You should be taking advantage of the times when you’re less busy and use that as an opportunity to build and tweak infrastructure and processes
  • First, reread Maximize Your Social and reexamine your strategy: what is your objective, and does your social media program support that?
  • Examine your different social networks and communication: some networks are continuing to grow, some are declining, but whatever communities you are involved in, look at how much time you’re putting in and the return you’re getting back, as well as what you’re posting and how frequently
  • You have to bridge the gap between your keywords and the things you want to be posting about and actually posting about those things
  • Second, I want to look at the resource part of this: if we want to grow our efforts, we need to look at how we can scale, and there are four ways to do that – people, process, paid, and tools
  • Are you leveraging your people or your agency in the right way? Maybe it’s time to outsource some of these tasks
  • You can’t outsource everything, but you can have the right people do the right jobs
  • We want to be focusing on the strategy, on the people, on being heard through the noise
  • More and more it’s coming down to the one-on-one relationships you have with people you meet or engage with on social
  • Get rid of the things you don’t need or that aren’t working, let’s outsource the things we can, let’s focus on the strategy and engagement
  • Third, I want to talk about the process: You need to define your process, your routine, your tasks, so that you can examine those and improve upon them
  • Once you define a process, you overlay the tools to see how they can help you streamline

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