How to Create Meaningful Work for Life

A wonderful aspect of Teamability® is its capacity to enable people, in all stages of their career, to better understand how they contribute to a team. In this guest post, we are very excited to feature one such experience by our long-time friend and supporter of Teamability®, Jeff Beaudin, from Franklin, TN.

“You accomplished very few of your triumphs, joys, achievements & successes without the participation of at least one other person.”  ~ Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Think about that. Go ahead, read it again, I’ll wait.

That truth is so fundamental to every aspect of our lives that I wonder if we take it for granted sometimes. When we examine the topic of ‘careers’—choice, management, education, development, counseling, and coaching—teaming is not a prominent, or even present, component. Yet no one finds career engagement, significance, and success without the participation of others. Want to know where you fit, where others fit, and how to create meaningful work for life? Understand how you team.

I’m currently working with college seniors at one of our major universities in Tennessee. Utilizing information derived from Teamability®, the groundbreaking technology that measures and predicts how people will perform in teams, students are learning how to take control of their careers.

The first of two focus areas I introduce to my students is job-fit. Using Teamability, you’re able to measure an individual’s natural attraction to serve one or more of ten universal needs of an organization. These attractions are called ROLES. When job responsibilities and Role align you’re more productive and engaged.

The second area of focus is influence. One of the most important discoveries that emerged from the research behind Teamability is that each Role experiences respect in a distinct way. We call it Role Respect. And when you properly show respect to those around you- bosses, coworkers, customers, and vendors- and you are in a job that fits your Role, you are well on your way to becoming a happy, successful, influential linchpin in your organization.

Understanding how to put yourself in a position to perform your best and learning to be intentional in your interactions is perhaps the primary career consideration. If you consider traditional career advice to be muscle and bone, teaming would be the connective tissue that makes it all work. GenY gets it – which makes me excited for the future of work and the country. Of course, we’re never too old to team better, right Boomers?

About the Author: Jeff Beaudin
Jeff’s background is primarily sales and sales leadership positions in the telecommunications and technology industries. Jeff is a certified facilitator and endorsed career coach through Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work You Love program, and has a BSBA from Southern Wesleyan University. He has built sales teams from the first hire, led and improved existing teams, and assessed the executive, sales, and service teams of potential distribution partners. Since 2010, Jeff has been coaching, consulting, teaching, and training people how to team well and prosper in business and career. He is also among a handful people worldwide with advanced certification in Teamability technology and management methods from The Gabriel Institute. 


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