How to Consolidate Your Corporate Philanthropy

corporate philanthropy combine apples and orangesThese days people consolidate everything: The phone bill with the cable bill. The water bill with the gas bill. Car insurance with homeowner’s insurance. Anyway you slice it, it just makes more sense to combine like things. Still, many companies have failed to have an “a-ha!” moment about consolidating corporate philanthropy and employee volunteerism into one streamlined, seamless package.   

Many companies may be reticent to consolidate, thinking that it’s going to require more work. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Consumers often consolidate due to lower prices. Companies, in turn, offer lower prices because there is less hassle and headache involved when bills are consolidated. Similarly, when you put all your corporate giving and volunteer tracking into a single place, you no longer have to worry about chasing around invoices from different vendors, consolidating these reports the old-fashioned way and then reformatting the data to fit your current system.   

Consolidating saves money on your end through significantly reduced man-hours, to say nothing of the diminished frustration. You can put that time and money back into whatever pillar of your company’s triple bottom line you like. Indeed, one way to look at the time, money and effort you spend on tracking giving and volunteer programs is waste. One way or another, all that data is getting consolidated. Why not do it right the first time instead of chasing after it ex post facto? A company that’s serious about corporate social responsibility shouldn’t be wasting its time doing things the long way.   

Want to improve employee engagement in your company’s philanthropy efforts?  Consolidating your CSR efforts will help dramatically.  Complex multi-step processes act as a deterrent to employee involvement. Conversely, when the process is streamlined, employees want to participate; they see it as easy, available and hassle-free.    

Sometimes companies look for community service and philanthropy consolidation in all the wrong places. The trick when consolidating all your tracking into one place is to work with a software as a service (SAAS) provider that is an authority on corporate giving and volunteering, such as Causecast. Rather than a mere service provider, Causecast sees itself as a partner in its clients’ success with employee volunteering and corporate giving. Further, Causecast can provide all the services that a company needs when integrating and consolidating its volunteering and donations into a single place, including:   

  • Live reporting

  • Complete tracking of all volunteer hours and donation dollars

  • Comparing just about any metric under the sun to another

  • Mobile applications

  • Social media integration

  • Automatic logging of all volunteer hours

  • Processing and vetting done in real time

  • Branding customization

  • A seamless and easy to use interface

For the company looking to consolidate, Causecast’s platform is a no-brainer. Our Community Impact Platform provides everything that a CSR manager would ever need to manage even the most complex corporate giving and volunteering programs, and our crack customer service team will work tirelessly to help you make the most out of our platform’s robust and user-friendly interface.   

Don’t waste another day with scattershot tracking of your company’s giving and volunteering efforts. Call Causecast and get consolidated.




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