How to Change Ingrained Habits: Webinar with Premier Farnell Dec. 12

Recognize This! – Getting permanent behavior change requires time, repetition and emotional impact.

You need your employees to quickly change their focus to new objectives to keep pace with rapidly changing market conditions. Perhaps you need to change the culture of your organization to one that is positive, appreciative and based on employees living your core values in their daily work and interactions with each other.

But that’s not easy to do. Recent research reported in Industry Week tells us why (quoting):

  1. Many habits are, almost literally, wired into our brains.
  2. The brain can change; i.e., the physical circuits can alter. However, those changes can take up to a year to develop.
  3. The permanence of a physical circuit in the brain is, in part, determined by the emotional impact of the context in which it is formed. In other words, smelling the burning drippings from your Lean Cuisine dinner while you doze in front of a Simpsons’ rerun won’t convince you to always double check the stove, but if your house burns down (for real or in your nightmare), you’ll never leave the stove on again. Ever.

I prefer positive emotional impacts vs. negative as in point three above. Far better to use positive appreciation and recognition, given in a timely and specific way, to spark that emotional impact and change the physical circuitry of the brain.

How do you do that? Join us and Premier Farnell for a webinar on Wednesday, 12th December, at 3:00 Eastern Time (Noon Pacific).

Premier Farnell’s VP of Total Rewards and Human Resources Operations will join Globoforce’s Thad Peterson to share their experience.

Passion. Team spirit. Respect for diversity. These are just a few of the core values tied to Premier Farnell’s company culture. With 4,000 employees around the globe, this organization knew its workforce was “hungry” for recognition. By directly tying their engagement strategies to corporate culture, Premier Farnell has been able to turn their employee rewards program into a strategic company initiative.

On the webinar, Amy will specifically share:

  • How Premier Farnell unified its global workforce through recognition
  • The possibilities of recognizing remote employees equally
  • How recognition transforms company culture

Register now, and learn how strategic recognition has unified Premier Farnell’s global workforce and improved their company culture, for both centrally located employees and remote workers alike.

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