How to add the social recruiting layer across your recruitment process


Over the last few weeks I have spoken to a good few people – from client side and agency side – about social recruiting. It seems that many had attended the social recruiting events/conferences to understand more about using social media as part of their recruitment strategy. But there was still an underlying question of whether a) they could avoid ‘doing’ social media for a little bit longer and b) is social media beneficial to the recruitment process.

Obviously this prompted some interesting conversations about the rights and wrongs of everything social, combined with the people world of recruitment.For some it is still a place they just won’t go near. But the bottom line is simple.

Social media is not going to go away, it is now firmly entrenched in work culture whether you like it or not. Embrace it or give the business to the competition who are using social recruiting effectively.

I was thinking how to break down recruitment into some simple steps and show how adding a social media layer could benefit the recruitment process. Here is graphic I created earlier:

Social Layer Social Recruitment
[Note: the different social networks I have quoted in the social layer, is an indicator of the ones that could be used, not an exclusive list.]

Some of the ‘standard’ recruitment methods and practices are in green in the graphic above. There is nothing wrong with them, but what about adding the social layer (in purple) into the mix as well?

The scope for better engagement, a wider selection of potential employees, collaborative tools and continual communication are surely worth considering aren’t they? 
Standard recruitment processes can be silo’d and communication between them very stilted and limiting. But what about  the social channels – the communication is like broadband – it is always on! Twitter and Facebook (and others of course) represent the new breed of customer service  and candidate communication channels – and they are on 24/7!  
[Don’t worry there are plenty of tools to help manage that for you – you are actually allowed to sleep in social media land!]

If you are still overwhelmed at getting started, then start at the beginning, with just one or two social networks. Watch, look and learn how others are approaching it, and don’t be afraid to try things yourself. Then slowly, as you get more confident, and you start to see some results, expand the reach of social within your recruiting process, until it is embedded across the whole cycle.

If you are still stuck, you can always give me a call 🙂

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