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This post is directly inspired by Ben Eubanks, who listed 25 ways his readers found his blog, UpstartHR. While I can’t aspire to Ben’s admitted zombie allure, it”s still fun to go back and see why people stopped by. Here are some of the most popular Google searches and keywords that led people to AliveHR:

1. Funny resume mistakes, resume oop, extra bloopers spécial oops, how not to write a resume funny, funny interviews…and 300 zillion variations.

Yeah, my Funny Resumes post was one of my most popular ever.

2. Annabelle Smith portfolio.

I don’t know who Annabelle is. I don’t have her portfolio. And if I did, I wouldn’t share it with you. Unless she sent a signed release of information, of course!

3. Arriving at job interview a week early.

Yeah, that’s early! Please don’t do that……at least not unless you come bearing pizza and are prepared to start work immediately.

4. What need time for arriving to an interview?

Not needing one week early time arrival, that’s for sure! (See previous point.)

5. Would a consultant lie?

Yes. But not all of them.

6. Do human resource double check references?

No, I usually just check them once.

7. Entry level danger zone job!

I’m sorry to hear that! Ben gives a lot of entry level job advice at! But watch out for the zombies!

8. Why do you think to be a perfect candidate for cook position?

Because I love to cook. I love to eat. What more could you want?

9. Okay to list top 10% of class on resume?

That depends. Were you in the top ten percent? If so, list away!  If not, please don’t. And while we’re on the subject, can I throw in a freebie? Don’t  include your GPA if  under 3.0. Use the resume space for more compelling information, whatever it might be.

10. hfa,le !

I’ve often found myself saying the same thing. Or variations, such as @4,l*!

11. How much 3 weeks vacation in days?

Luckily you stumbled upon an HR person who is good at math! Three weeks vacation multiplied by five days divided by the GNP, adjusted for the unemployment rate and divided by last year’s inflation equals…..uh, let’s see…… 15 days.

12. Jobs in spam management.

I have one for you: come take care of all these Viagra, Cialis and Rolex ads that flood my in box!

13. Picture of floor buffers being hit in the workplace.

What is this? Floor buffer demolition derby? Sounds like a great team building exercise!

14. HR won’t let you do that.

But I will.

15. Don’t forget to tell HR.

Unless it’s something bad. I could use a break, so go to PunkRockHR. She’s good at that stuff!

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