How many HR staff does it take to change a lightbulb?


With all the talk of recessionary post election cost cutting in the UK, I thought I would highlight that there may well be a little fat in the public sector, when it comes to the HR departments! I know there is discussion in government circles of centralising HR functions and massive cost cutting, and to be honest I do agree (for organisational efficiencies not necessarily cost cutting) – if it is good enough for the private sector then there is no reason for the public sector to avoid this as well. 

So just to highlight the resources that could be trimmed, take a look at this set of instructions I came across for the changing of a light bulb within public sector HR departments  (how many people?):

  • One to change the light bulb.
  • The second to assess the risk of the light bulb changing process.
  • A

    third to ensure the light bulb changing process adheres to the internal

    compliance regime for health and safety during light bulb changes.

  • A fourth to ensure that the internal purchase order procedures have been adhered with for light bulb change orders.
  • A fifth to audit the supply of the light bulb following the internal purchase order procedure.
  • A

    sixth to report back to the compliance and risk functions that the

    supply and audit divisions had complied with the light bulb change risk

    and compliance procedures.

  • A seventh to monitor that the light bulb

    was changed by a member of staff who was cleared by the CIPD to be

    authorised with light bulb changing management.

  • And an eighth being

    the most important………they are responsible for costing the light

    bulb changing process and being creative enough to incorporate the

    pricing of the eight people into their customers’ monthly billing

    statement without their customer noticing.

Who says you have to be process driven in the public sector!!

OK, so I was only joking! But I bet it made you think……………….well maybe just for a minute?

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