How I Find Focus in a World of Distractions

How do you stay focused day to day?

If you don’t have systems, processes, and tools that create an environment for you to be fiercely focused, your time and the distractions that come up to fill that time will continue to control YOU.

In the past I’ve shared how I’ve added more discipline to my life – which I realized I desperately needed to do because the same things that had gotten me to one level were NOT going to get me to the next one.

Discipline is only part of the story.

You also need that sweet, fierce FOCUS.

If you struggle with this, there is NOTHING wrong with you.

Any entrepreneur that tells you they don’t is likely being untruthful.

In our world of texts, messages, social media, and everything else that bombards us (yet helps us communicate), we sometimes feel guilty if we’re not reachable all.the.time.

Well I call B.S. on that.

Yes, even if you have kids.

Remember life before cell phones and Facebook?

Speed of implementation is what creates fast growth. Which means it’s crucial that you focus on what’s going to move the needle forward the most.

More time is not the answer, finding focus is. In my video for you this week, I share how I do it.

Let me know what you think, ok?

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